Our Identity

The will of the Center is to provide high quality services and programs to ensure our current and future students at the College succeed and reach their full potential during their academic journey at FIU and in their future careers. To fulfill this mission, our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff creates and manages a wide-range of activities that aim to:

  • Recruit top students from South Florida and beyond to our college and FIU through outreach in STEM and pre-college opportunities
  • Augment our students’ understanding of their course work through mentorship, tutoring, and research opportunities
  • Promote an equitable environment and highlight our students’ academic achievements and their impact in our community through leadership activities and student organizations
  • Engage our students with their potential future employers, industry recruiters, our alumni, and community leaders through our partnership with the Office of Career and Talent Development and Alumni Relations


Our Core Values

We respect our students’ identity and privacy. We provide a warm and welcoming environment. We embrace our multicultural environment and the diversity in thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. We aspire for innovation, creativity, ingenuity, equity, and inclusion. We incorporate evidence-based scientific learning and teaching methods in our services and programs.