Pre-College & PRE-K – 12 STEM

Engineers on Wheels (EOW)

The Engineers on Wheels program is an initiative which brings FIU engineering students to South Florida K-12 schools. EOW provides students with hands-on activities and engineering experiments while exposing them to career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The program features grade-appropriate, interactive lessons and presentations led by FIU students and overseen by FIU faculty. Subjects include mechanical and materials engineering, computer science and information technology, biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, construction and engineering management, and electrical and computer engineering.

If you are interested in having EOW visit your school and do a STEM demo please click here to submit your inquiry.

Program History and Highlights

The FIU Engineers on Wheels program launched in 2014, after the donation of the first EOW vehicle from the Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) Foundation. FIU Engineering student groups began visiting schools all over South Florida that year with presentations and projects to engage K-12 students and encourage them to pursue and education in STEM.

Since that time, the program has grown to include more student groups, more local schools, and a wider range of projects and experiments for student engagement. In 2016, the van was upgraded to include stow-away seating, insulated interior trim, and a number of locking storage and organizing units for project supplies. In 2017, the program added a trailer through the support of Lockheed Martin, and in 2018, the van received an exterior face-lift with a brand new design.

EOW continues to grow each year as we find new ways to increase STEM awareness throughout the South Florida K-12 community. EOW now goes beyond the classroom and has partnered with libraries, community groups, and professional sports teams to showcase our students’ work at large-scale events. In 2019, the program grew in size with the addition of a second van that has allowed us to mitigate scheduling conflicts and continue to serve the needs of our community.

  • Brings educational modules & hands-on activities to classrooms
  • Develops assessment and evaluation tools
  • Average 64 school visits per year
  • 59 MDCPS visited in 2017-2018

Dual Enrollment

Experience firsthand what college courses are like.

The College of Engineering and Computing provide opportunities for students to get a head start on their college education.   Students engage in courses, and programs, that expose them to the fundamental core subjects in the field of  materials engineering, computer science and information technology, biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, construction and engineering management and electrical and computer engineering, while they earn college credit and high school credits, simultaneously.

FLAME (Florida Action for Minorities in Engineering)

FLAME is a joint program between Miami-Dade County Public Schools, M-DCPS, and FIU.  Under the Center for Diversity and Student Success in Engineering and Computing (CD-SSEC), the program is designed for minority high school students and provides a unique educational experience in the field of Engineering.  During their senior year, eligible students attend classes on-campus at the FIU College of Engineering and Computing.

FLAME engages students that are admitted to the Miami Coral Park Senior High School Engineering Magnet Program.  The program exposes students to a challenging curriculum focused on hands-on applications and project-based learning. Additionally the program’s non-credit component, encourages students to participate in college-sponsored student organizations and competition teams, and provides individualized tutoring from undergraduate student mentors. Throughout the academic year, students will participate in industry focused workshops and attend lab tours that incorporate cybersecurity, big data, infrastructure and resilience, artificial intelligence, biomedical technologies, robotics, sensors and sensing, IoT and wireless communications, automotive and aerospace engineering, and 3D manufacturing.

FLAME program highlights. 

Summer Programs

ENLACE (ENgaging LAtino Communities for Education)

Program Overview

What is the FIU-ENLACE Miami Children’s Trust program?
Florida International University (FIU) and select elementary schools in the West Dade and Kendall are working in partnership with The Children’s Trust provide after school and summer programs for elementary and middle school students and family informational meetings at FIU. Through a generous grant from The Children’s Trust FIU-ENLACE Miami offers a summer program at Florida International University and an after school program at Charles R Hadley Elementary, Coral Park Elementary, EWF Stirrup Elementary, Kendale Elementary, and Sweetwater Elementary.

Who is eligible?
Students who are in 4th-8th grades and attend schools in the targeted geographic areas are welcome to apply for the FIU-ENLACE Miami Summer STEM Enrichment Program. Students must have earned a “B” average and should exhibit a high degree of interest in learning and in obtaining a college/university STEM education. Applications are ready on April 1st, please contact the FIU-ENLACE Miami office.
For the after school program students should attend the above mentioned schools, be in grades 2nd – 5th grades and need of additional academic support. K-Parent meetings are open to all parents in Miami-Dade County.

Who is directing the courses?
Classes are taught by certified teachers using the latest in educational and media tools. In addition, Fit Kids of America Corp offers nutrition and fitness education. The Yaeger Foundation teaches students technology and leadership skills. Participants are also taught personal skills including having respect for others, developing a high self esteem and solving problems without violence.

When do students do their homework?
During the school year it is important that homework is done at home in order to establish good studying habits. However, for those students who need extra help with their homework, we offer homework tutoring during the tutoring hour and from 5:30 – 6:00 pm.

How much does the program cost?
The fee for the after school program is determined by the school site and is based on a sliding scale depending on family economic status. There are no additional fees for these services. All students are required to have the school insurance which is a one-time fee of $10.00 and is effective for the complete school year including summer.
Summer program fees are a one-time registration fee based on a sliding scale as follows: Free/Reduced Lunch $95, and Others $150.

What are the hours of the program?
The summer program is a six-week rigorous STEM academic program which runs from 8:30 am -2:30 pm at Florida International University’s College of Engineering and Computing. The after school program is an extended school day program and runs from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at selected school sites. It consists of one hour of grade-appropriate tutoring and one hour of life-enhancing skills and fun activities. The K-parent meetings are informational parent workshops that present opportunities related to education topics and parenting skills and are held at FIU College of Engineering and Computing on Saturdays.

Who is responsible for my child?
The After School and Summer Program staff are responsible for your child from the time of dismissal until they are signed out by a parent, guardian, or authorized caregiver.

Do all schools offer this program?
At this time five schools in Miami-Dade County offer the FIU-ENLACE Miami / The Children’s Trust after school program.

After school sites include:
Coral Park Elementary
Charles R Hadley Elementary
Sweetwater Elementary
EWF Stirrup Elementary
Kendale Elementary

Summer Site:
Florida International University’s College of Engineering and Computing- students residing in Kendall, West Dade, Sweetwater, and Westchester, are encouraged to attend.

Who can I contact if I need more information?
Please contact the ENLACE Miami office at Florida International University for more information: (305) 348-3714.

Engineering Expo

Save the Date

Engineering Expo 2021: Friday, February 19, 2021​

Note: We will start sending out interest form applications in October 2020.

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Engineering Expo 2020
# of K-12 Students Participated: 1,606
# of Schools that came to campus: 30
FIU CEC Labs open: 23
FIU CEC Student Org Demos/Activities: 24
Engineering Expo 2019

In its 18th year, the Engineering Expo is the college’s premiere community outreach event. In 2019, the college welcomed more than 1,800 K-12 students from Miami-Dade and Broward County schools to the FIU Engineering Center to engage FIU student organizations, researchers, and staff, and to explore degrees in engineering or computer science. In 2019, 30 labs and 18 student organizations represented each major within the college, and provided students with tours, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.

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