Opportunities for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS)

Program Description

Coordinated and overseen by the Center for Diversity and Student Success, Opportunities for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS) supports College of Engineering and Computing students in pursuing research experiences that align with their academic and career goals. During the fall and spring semesters, OURS scholars receive a monthly stipend of $1000 to engage in research-related work for 10-15 hours per week under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Additionally, professional development funding is available for scholars to present their research at academic venues or attend events that support them in developing a researcher, exploring post-graduation pathways, identifying summer research or internship opportunities, or preparing for the job market or graduate school.  



Current Students

Jaydon Antoine

Bio: Jaydon Antoine works with the Advanced Wireless and Security (ADWISE) Lab to develop zero-trust policies for United States power systems suffering from cyber-attacks from global bad actors.  

Arya Bhadrakumar Nair

Bio: Arya B. Nair is an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering who works on the Mechanical Properties of Soft Materials and Biomaterials at the Plasma Forming Laboratory. She strongly believes that good and affordable health and education are basic rights and hopes to achieve her dream of that through her research endeavors. Upon finishing her educational journey, she wishes to work as a professor to advocate for students from low-income families and to continue her research in healthcare. Arya also serves as a student leader by acting as the Registered Student Organizations Council president, through which she amplifies the voice of FIU students by managing more than 200 clubs/organizations. 

Danny Britt

Bio: Dan is an interdisciplinary engineering student and Ronald E. Mcnair scholar. He is a certified IT professional with working knowledge of CAD software, including SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, and Rhino 5. His current project is titled Pack Rats in Space. For this project, he utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to concinnitous design to mitigate the stowage chaos of space habitats. This human-in-the-loop research seeks to examine ways we can determine the best use of area to reduce challenges relating to managing work tasks and waste clutter on orbital platforms.  


Alexander Delgado

Bio: Alexander Delgado is studying computer science. His internship with Florida Power & Light and NextEra Energy taught him the importance of the electric field. That’s why he’s researching with the FIU Battery Lab, studying battery sensors using machine learning. 


Aniya Enyioko

Bio: Aniya Enyioko is an undergraduate student studying Information Technology. She actively integrates her interest in the societal implications of technology into her research. She aims to influence technology, education policy, and business through her research endeavors. 


Aashiya Kolengaden

Bio: Aashiya Kolengaden is a master’s student in biomedical engineering. Her research focuses on developing methods to efficiently quantify and characterize vascular and valvular calcification in vivo in female mice with Chronic Kidney Disease. She holds leadership roles in student organizations such as Panther Robotics and Alternative Breaks. She is passionate about preventative care and healthcare equity, and regularly volunteers with non-profit organizations serving Miami’s medically underserved minority populations. She hopes to pursue a career as a physician and make meaningful contributions to the advancement of healthcare technology and innovation. 

Emily Lofaro

Bio: Forthcoming

Fabio Macias

Bio: Fabio Macias is dedicated to advancing medical technology through his work in electrospinning nanofibers. His focus is on creating innovative cardiac patches, utilizing the precision of nanotechnology. These nanofibers hold great promise in the field of cardiology, offering a groundbreaking approach to enhance cardiac tissue repair and regeneration. Fabio’s commitment to this cutting-edge research demonstrates a passion for improving the lives of individuals with cardiovascular conditions. 

Nya Martin

Bio: Nya Martin is pursuing a B.S. degree in biomedical engineering. Her research involves developing a chemical biosensor that can recognize chemicals and proteins known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our breath, which will be used to identify cancer and other diseases earlier. Nya aspires to first work in the industry to develop practical skills. Afterwards, she wants to return to school to conduct research in a lab where she will study the human body and create more advanced prosthetics, software, and simulations for new therapies. Finally, she plans to establish a nonprofit that provides low-cost prosthetic treatments to underserved communities. 

Zion Michael


with MIT Lab

Joaquin Molto

Bio: Joaquin Molto is a graduate computer science student currently working on developing a React-based web application to provide interactive ways for students across the K-12 and higher education sphere to learn about financial literacy. This project is the culmination of extensive research done on underrepresented minorities’ low retention at four-year higher education institutions due to financial issues. The app will have gamification elements and adaptive learning technologies through AI/ML algorithms. 

Anthony Perez-Pinon

Bio: Anthony Perez-Pinon works towards the development of a smart bandage using a dialectic material dependent on the change in pH of a wound. Using a Chitosan based hydrogel, the resonating frequency of the device will shift based around the absorption of pH solutions. Modeled to function within the ISM frequency band, the smart bandage dialectic material has observed a shift in frequency between 2.4GHz and 2.8GHz. Correspondent frequency shifts are correlated with specific pH solutions to model chronic wound healing progress. 

Mariane Porras Bouzas

Bio: Marianne Porras Bouzas engages in groundbreaking research at the lab, focusing on the intersection of biophotonics systems and medical instrumentation design. Her work revolves around leveraging optical technologies to pioneer advancements in imaging and monitoring health conditions. This approach holds immense potential for non-invasive and precise diagnostics, offering a transformative impact on healthcare. Through the development of cutting-edge optical devices, her research group aims to enhance medical diagnostics, enabling more effective and accurate health assessments. Her commitment lies in pushing the boundaries of technology to contribute significantly to the field of biophotonics and medical instrumentation, ultimately improving patient outcomes and healthcare practices. 

Christian Ruiz

Bio: Christian is an undergraduate computer science and mathematics student. Currently, he works in the Cognition, Narrative, and Culture Laboratory (Cognac Lab), which centers on the computational modeling of culture, narrative, and language, under Dr. Mustafa Ocal. His work is concentrated on the temporal analysis of texts with AI and machine learning tools. A first-generation American and college student, Christian’s additional interests include the pursuit of social justice and equity for marginalized communities, particularly within the STEM fields, and related volunteer work. After graduation, he hopes to continue working towards an equitable and inclusive STEM future. 

Cary Wingard

Bio: Cary Wingard is a civil engineering undergraduate student currently engaged in impactful research. Leading the mix design process for the American Society of Civil Engineers 2024 Concrete Canoe Competition, she conducts extensive research, manages all aspects of the process, and utilizes advanced testing techniques. With a passion for sustainable infrastructure, Cary leverages unique skills gained as a makeup artist and mother. Excited about the support and mentorship from OURS, she aims to excel in academia, contribute to real-world engineering challenges, and be a role model for her children, showcasing the power of perseverance and pursuing one’s dreams. 

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