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Engineers on Wheels

The Florida International University Engineers on Wheels program is an initiative which brings FIU engineering students to South Florida K-12 schools. EOW provides students with hands-on activities and engineering experiments while exposing them to career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The program features grade-appropriate, interactive lessons and presentations led by FIU students and overseen by FIU faculty. Subjects include mechanical and materials engineering, computer science and information technology, biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, construction and engineering management, and electrical and computer engineering.

Engineers on Wheels builds upon the success of the college’s annual Engineering Expo, which brings more than 1,400 K-12 students from Miami-Dade and Broward county schools to FIU to learn firsthand about career opportunities in STEM.

For Parents

Online Activities

Engage your students with hands-on experiments and activities. Find out more about CDSSEC’s inventory of 364 STEM kits.

You can view our full database of online activities here.

For Students

Student Led Presentations

Watch and learn from recorded Engineers on Wheels presentations led by FIU student researchers and student organizations.

You can view our full database of online curriculum here.

For Teachers

Online Lesson Plans

Download free K-12 lesson plans created by local South Florida teachers. Lessons cover topics related to labs, student organizations, and student competition teams at FIU. All lessons align with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).

You can view our full database of online lesson plans here.

Lab & Research Highlights

Watch videos that summarize the exciting work being done in our state-of-the-art FIU labs.

You can view our full database of online lab & research highlights here.

Our Teacher Partners

Geraldine Cameron, M.S. Ed.

FL State K-6 Certified Teacher
Reading and Gifted Endorsed
1st Grade Teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary School

Engineers on Wheels brings experts into the classrooms! FIU students light a spark of curiosity and creativity into our kids and give them a peek of what life can be like as an engineer! The diversity within the Engineers or Wheels program makes it easy to connect to. The talented and energetic volunteers and mentors range from biomedical to mechanical engineers. They make it easy for our kids to see themselves in the field of engineering, designing solutions to everyday problems! As a teacher, this program has had a high impact in energizing our classroom and connecting us with our community. As a teacher, having the opportunity to bring in real role models for our students who share as much of a diverse cultural background as our own kids, has been very meaningful. Having them share their experiences, passion, and advice has brought hope and opened doors to multiple possibilities they never knew were within reach.

Kaitlin Cunningham, M.S.Ed.

NY & FL State K-6 Certified Teacher
3rd Grade Teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary School

Engineers on Wheels is a program that every teacher dreams of for their students. EoW provides hands-on activities facilitated by the experts that expose students to a world of endless opportunities. One of my favorite aspects of EoW is the engineering experts who visit and share their stories, motivations, passions, and interests. Providing my students an opportunity to create connections through commonalities and see that they too can pursue a career in engineering.

Liliana Ramos

FL State 6-12 Certified Teacher
Pinecrest Glades Academy

Engineering on Wheel has not only given me the opportunity to expose my students to real world applications, but also the resources to enrich and reinforce their understanding of math and science concepts. The platform developed by EOW allows teachers from all levels to collaborate while developing and creating instructional material with a strong focus on STEAM careers.

Alex Garrido, M.S.Ed.

FL State 6-12 Certified Teacher and Engineering Lead Teacher
Hialeah Gardens High School

Alex Garrido is an electrical engineer currently serving as the lead teacher of the Academy of Engineering at Hialeah Gardens High School. He is also the lead instructor of the Project Lead the Way Engineering Pathways Program at Hialeah Gardens High School for over ten years. Alex has been a National Science Foundation PATHS-UP RET participant since 2019 with research focused on biophotonics and working under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Ramella. Mr. Garrido is also a computer science instructor with many awards and accolades in the IT industry. His passion for community service has significantly impacted his school and the neighboring communities. His research interests include Bioengineering, Artificial intelligence, and Robotics. Alex has worked with developing curriculum for Engineers on Wheels and has hosted FIU students in his classroom for outreach visits. He also served as the lead teacher on the Engineering Engagement Kit (EEK) curriculum project for NSF sponsored CELL MET workforce development.


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