Center for Diversity and Student Success in Engineering and Computing (CD-SSEC)

The mission of the Center for Diversity and Student Success in Engineering and Computing (CD-SSEC) is to provide prospective and current students of the college with opportunities and services that will enhance their academic experiences and increase their rate of success in the school and their future careers. The office will support the college through recruitment, retention and enrichment programs, such as mentorship, undergraduate research opportunities, peer-to-peer tutoring, internship, and pre-college outreach activities. 

Pre-College Programs

The College of Engineering and Computing provide opportunities for students to get a head start on their college education.   Students engage in courses, and programs, that expose them to the fundamental core subjects in the field of materials engineering, computer science and information technology, biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, construction and engineering management and electrical and computer engineering, while they earn college credit and high school credits, simultaneously. 

Florida Action for Minorities in Engineering, FLAME, is a specialized joint program between Miami-Dade County Public Schools, M-DCPS, and FIU. Under the Center for Diversity and Student Success in Engineering and Computing (CD-SSEC), the program is designed for minority high school students and provides a unique educational experience in the field of Engineering. 

K-12 Outreach

Our flagship outreach programs, Engineers on Wheels (EoW) and the Engineering Expo engage students within the Miami Dade and Broward County School Districts with important STEM topics through hands-on activities, grade-appropriate, interactive lessons and presentations led by FIU students and FIU faculty.

Student Resources

Programs within CD-SSEC aim to promote STEM workforce development and improve the academic experience and success of our students within FIU CEC and our local K-12 community. We connect students to scholarship opportunities, student organizations, tutoring, undergraduate research, and more. We embrace our multicultural environment and the diversity in thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. We aspire for innovation, creativity, ingenuity, equity, and inclusion. We incorporate evidence-based scientific learning and teaching methods in our services and programs.