FLAME, is a joint program between Miami-Dade County Public Schools, M-DCPS, and FIU. Under CDSSEC, the program is designed for high school students and provides a unique educational experience in the field of Engineering.  

FLAME engages students that are admitted to a high school engineering magnet or academy in a cohort-based program. FLAME exposes students to a challenging curriculum focused on real-world applications and project-based learning. Additionally, the program’s non-credit component, encourages students to participate in college-sponsored student organizations and competition teams, and provides individualized tutoring from undergraduate student mentors. Throughout the academic year, students will participate in industryfocused workshops and attend lab tours that incorporate cybersecurity, big data, infrastructure and resilience, artificial intelligence, biomedical technologies, robotics, sensors and sensing, IoT and wireless communications, automotive and aerospace engineering, and 3D manufacturing.  

Students also participate in university workshops and presentations on financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and more. FLAME students are eligible to start earning money towards their FIU tuition via the Raise.Me microscholarship program 


As the research engine of the university, the College of Engineering and Computing’s, CEC, mission is to reach preeminence in the classroom, laboratory and industry.  FLAME initiative educates the next generation of researchers and leaders in Engineering.

Ignite your passion for Engineering
Majors & Degrees: 

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental Engineering

FLAME exposes high school students to fundamental core subjects that align to listed Majors & Degrees.


During their senior year, eligible students will take dual enrollment courses during the Fall and Spring semester at the FIU College of Engineering and Computing.  The courses listed below align to the curriculum of partner schools. To view curriculum at existing partner schools – visit: the Miami Coral Park Senior High School Magnet program and the Hialeah Gardens High School Academy of Engineering. Student grades earned through the FLAME program become a part of the student’s permanent college transcript. 

Course Course Description
COP 2270 C for Engineers
EGN 1110C Engineering Drawing
EML 1553 Intro CAD for Mechanical Engineer
COP 2250 Java Programming
CGN 2420 Computer Tools for Engineering



  1. 45% of all FLAME students came to FIU as an Undergraduate.
  2. 35% of FLAME students enrolled in either Engineering or Computer Science degree tracks at FIU.
  3. 353 students have been involved with FLAME since its inception.
  4. FLAME was first introduced in 2010.


To participate in the FLAME program, student must:                 

  1. Be recommended by partner school counselor or Magnet program advisor.
  2. Have a 3.0 unweighted high school GPA.
  3. Meet initial eligibility criteria indicators that align to the Florida Board of Governor Post-Secondary College-Level Preparatory Testing standard scores which indicate that student is ready for college-level work.
  4. Meet additional criteria set by FIU as the post-secondary institution.

After admitted, students must:

  1. Maintain a 3.0 unweighted GPA in their high school academic work and earn a 3.0 or better in FIU college-level work, as confirmed by the school guidance counselor and/or dual enrollment coordinator.
  2. Comply with the FIU Student Code of Conduct.

Students that are recommended by partner schools will receive instructions from their high school on the application process. Future admission to FIU as a degree-seeking student is selective and is not guaranteed via participation in the FLAME program.  Prospective student must apply to FIU and meet all FIU admission requirements. 

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College of Engineering & Computing
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Email:  agreen@fiu.edu

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Division of Student Affairs
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