Meet The Team

Monica E. Cardella

Director, CD-SSEC

Monica’s STEM journey began with her love for patterns as a child and her love for playing with science at the Exploratorium. She also worked on math proofs during informal “kitchen conversations” with her dad. As an undergraduate, she majored in mathematics and minored in English. She then spent time teaching physical education to preschoolers, substitute teaching math and science at a middle school, tutoring high students and adults in English as a Second Language, and tutoring technical college students in math and ESL as part of the AmeriCorps program.

She is committed to pursuing and promoting racial justice, equity, and dignity but recognizes she still has much to learn. Monica’s research and teaching interests focus on engineering design, mathematical thinking, and computational thinking across formal and informal settings. She is particularly interested in human-centered approaches to design. Monica is also interested in what we can learn from parents and families about the ways that they support learning and engagement in engineering and other STEM activities.

She has investigated this through studies of practicing professionals, undergraduate students and educators, middle school students, elementary school teachers and students, and children and families, primarily through video analysis and open-ended interviews. This work is done in partnership, most recently with colleagues from Purdue, Imagination Station of Lafayette, the National Society for Black Engineers, TERC, University of Iowa, University of Notre Dame, University of Washington, Virginia Tech, and several elementary schools.

Office: EC 2781
Phone: 305-348-5076

Kristian Cosculuela headshot picture

Kristian Cosculuela

Program Director, FIU-ENLACE

Kristian is the director of the FIU-ENLACE / Children’s Trust Grant at the CDSSEC. With a strong commitment to education and community, he excels as a collaborative leader, creating positive and inclusive spaces. With two decades devoted to K-12 Pre-College Educational programs, his active participation in FIU-ENLACE highlights his dedication. Kristian plays a key role in driving outreach throughout the college’s K-12 programs and Pre-College STEAM activities. His experience and passion contribute to program growth and student development.

Office: EC 2651
Phone: 305.348.3714

Andres Tremante headshot picture

Andres Tremante


Professor Andres Tremante has been the deputy director of the CELL-MET and PATHS-UP Culture of Inclusion & Diversity Thrust Areas. Dr. Tremante also serves as the Principal Investigator on the NSF Florida Georgia Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (FGLSAMP), the National Action Council for Minority Engineers (NACME), the Children’s Trust funded FIU ENLACE project, and the Florida Action for Minorities in Engineering (FLAME).

Professor Tremante received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from “Universidad Simon Bolivar” and his Doctoral degree from “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers” in Energy Conversion and Transportation. He joined FIU in 2008 after 25 years of experience in Europe and Latin America, mostly in academia and the oil industry, and he is also a Teaching Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) Department. He brings forward a long record of teaching, scholarly research, academic service, and strong credentials for leadership as the director of CD-SSEC.

Office: EC 2765
Phone: 305.348.0149

Trina Fletcher headshot picture

Trina Fletcher

Trina Fletcher has an interdisciplinary background with both her education and full-time experiences. Fletcher holds a doctorate in engineering education from Purdue University and has industry experience including roles with Johnson & Johnson, Eaton Corporation and serving as the director of pre-college initiatives for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Office: EC 1270
Phone: 305.348.0196

Stephen Secules

JEDI Ambassador Faculty Lead

Stephen Secules is an Assistant Professor in the School of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering Education (SUCCEED) and the STEM Transformation Institute. He teaches a core course on Foundations of Engineering and Computing Education to the PhD students in the SUCCEED cohort. He also runs an Equity Research Group where members engage in weekly discussions and independent equity research. He is the lead investigator for our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Ambassador program where he provides training in research methods, educational design, and leadership to our undergraduate student ambassadors.

Office: EC 1274
Phone: 305.348.4705

Student Assistants

Thelma Del Cid
Office Assistant &

Tutoring Coordinator,
Biomedical Engineering
Amanda Esposito
Engineers on Wheels

Lead Student Assistant
Rodrigo Prado

Student Assistant
Aniya Enyioko
Engineers on Wheels

Student Assistant
Abiel Vasallo
Engineers on Wheels

Student Assistant
Adrian Espinosa
Engineers on Wheels

Student Assistant
Sabrina Garcia
Engineers on Wheels

Student Assistant
Christian Moreira
Engineers on Wheels

Student Assistant

JEDI Ambassadors

Bailey Bond
Graduate Assistant/JEDI Mentor
Karina Hernandez
JEDI Ambassador
Sacha Perez
JEDI Mentor
Fabio Macias Sarcos
JEDI Ambassador
Malak Elaouinate
JEDI Ambassador
Estefania Victorero
JEDI Ambassador
Jocelyn Garcia
JEDI Ambassador